Professional Leather Drycleaning

Leather is an extremely durable material and is naturally resistant to dirt; however, over a period of time it gets dirty. With regular wear most suede and leathers need to be cleaned once every year to remove soil build up and revive oils lost in wear. Mauve professional leather cleaning method ensures your suede and leathers will last you a lifetime.

Preventive Leather Care

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Like our skin, suedes and leathers dry over time and loose their natural oils. Part of the professional cleaning process is to re-oil the leather to revive the softness. We have devised leather cleaning processes based on type, age, colour of the leather.

First most all the dust and stain is gently removed using professional leather cleaning agents and equipment. Then leather is conditioned to rejuvenate each and every filament and bring back the actual shade and shine of it. The final procedure includes “shower proofing” of each garment. This coating will help prevent future stains (body oils, food, rain marks) from setting deep into the leather causing permanent damage.

Leather Restoration

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Has your leather jacket or handbag lost its original colour, shine? Or are they having signs of shrinkage, peeling, cracking, tears, scratches etc? If yes, then our Leather Restoration can bring it back to life.

Re-staining / Re-dying are part of the revitalization process in most suede and leather garments. Through regular wear and part of the cleaning process some of the original dye colour may be lost. But at woogly, the experts hand mixes each dye to achieve the closest colour match possible.
Panel Replacement: Alternatively if an aged stain cannot be removed or the hide is too worn in an area, we can do a panel replacement. Even when it is difficult to match the exact material, we give our best and surpass customers’ expectations.