Luxury Valet Dry Cleaning Service

A private drycleaning service for one’s who live a lifestyle that’s live to the fullest by the distinguished few and well, coveted by the rest. Great stress has been laid upon designing a service that matches international standards in all aspects and offers a world of privileges to its pristine customers.

Woogly Shine Protection

Our Woolmark approved fabric care technology and unique Woogly garment wise customised handling processes ensure that your new clothes remain new for years.

Crease Free steam Pressing

We have specialised expertise in providing crease free steam pressing so that our customer feel and enjoy the same newness as it was bought new.

Crush Free Packaging

After the quality dry cleaning, it is important that same finish is not lost in transportation. Our exclusive corrugated packaging ensures that it reaches you untouched.

3Hr FLASH Delivery

India’s only Urgent delivery starting within 3 Hours.A dedicated valet is assigned to take care of your urgent requirement in least possible time frame.

White Garment Restoration

Have your white garments started looking shabby even after dry cleaning? Blame it on the bleach containing sodium hypo chloride which turns white clothes into yellow.Trust Woogly with our uniquely designed white restoration technique consisting natural elements which not only avoids yellowing but also restores it to a great extent.

Every Delivery Express Delivery

Our Luxury drycleaning is designed to offer the best. All Our luxury deliveries are completed within 24-48 hours.